MasterLife is a 24 week, small-group discipleship study aimed at helping you develop a lifelong obedient
relationship with Jesus Christ. The goal is that you become more like Christ by learning His way, following His instructions, becoming accountable, and helping to disciple others.

“MasterLife caused me to want to share the Gospel with everyone I meet." - Judy C.
“MasterLife has made me aware of how to participate in the lives of others,
so that they will grow the right way” - Leighton C.
“MasterLife taught me how to really separate myself from the world, close that door, and
really open my life and heart to Christ.” - Faraah MB.
“MasterLife helped me to understand that I have a place in the Kingdom
and that God has a will for my life.” - John M.
“MasterLife has given me direction when it comes to knowing
what I’m supposed to do as a disciple.” - Sashan F.

Disciples In Action

Disciples In Action (DIA) is a bold witnessing team that ventures into surrounding
communities to share the love of Christ from  8 - 8:45 each Sunday Morning. We set-up in areas such as parks or street corners, and pray and share the Gospel with anyone who will listen.
Our passion is to take the good news of Jesus Christ and His love to the streets of Los Angeles.

Homeless Ministry 

Matthew 25:31-40

As followers of Yeshua we take joy in caring for the hungry, the sick and the poor throughout Los Angeles.
We also meet every 3rd Saturday at 10:30am to prepare food and deliver the gospel to our homeless neighbors.

Halfway House

1 Corinthians 14:40

Join us as we pray for and minister to those in transition from homelessness, drug addiction and mental health crisis' at the Los Angeles Transition Center every 4th Saturday.

Certified Parenting Class

Step up to Breakthrough Parenting, an advanced parenting education course that quickly moves families from struggle to communication. It corrects ineffective authoritarian and permissive approaches to parenting with breakthrough teaching that is designed to transform every member of the family.
Participants learn how to: communicate effectively, resolve family conflicts, understand child development and the source of behavior, reduce stress, influence your children positively, build self-esteem, deal appropriately with sensitive subjects, teach responsibility, discipline with love, and more.
Classes convene in a warm, comfortable, and friendly environment and are conducted in a style that is enjoyable, interactive, and easy to receive. Classes are taught by certified parenting instructor, Chris Oden.
Enrollment is on-going. For additional information or to make an appointment call (323) 299-9330.

Harvest Festival

Every year, on October 31st, the church parking lot turns into a free carnival for the neighborhood, filled with fun games, food, candy, and prizes.
October 31st from 5:30-8:30pm